Academic and Professional Qualifications:

Master of Arts (Psychology) University of Melbourne 1974
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) University of Melbourne 1970
Registered Psychologist 1974
Certified Radix Teacher, Radix Institute, Ojai, California USA 1982
Certified Radix Trainer, Radix Institute, Ojai, California, USA 1988
PACFA National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors 2009
PACFA Accredited Supervisor 2016
Accredited Psychology Supervisor APHRA

Selection of Professional Training and Development in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

2018 - 16th Congress of the European Body Psychotherapy Conference. Body Psychotherapy and Challenges of Today. Alienation, Vitality and Flow. Berlin Germany. September 6th -9th 2018.
2017 - Working with Trauma.
Two day workshop. Babette Rothschild. July Melbourne
2017 - Masterclass in Psychology Supervision. Deakin University. May Melbourne
2017 - 1992 - Radix Institute, USA Annual Conferences.

2017 - 1988 - Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Annual Conferences.
2016 - Suicide Prevention and Recovery. One day Seminar. December Melbourne
2018 - 1992 - Radix Institute, USA Annual Conferences.
2015 - Australian Childhood Foundation. Trauma Conference. August 4 - 7 2015
2017 - 1988 - Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Annual Conferences.
2013 - Towards a New Theory of Body Developments. Three hour seminar. Dr Susie Orbach. Melbourne. August 2013
2012 - Allies and Enemies. ACIS Conference March 2012
2012 - Three day Somatic and Integrative Therapy Experiential Workshop. William Cornell. Melbourne. March 2012
2012 - 1992 - Radix Institute, USA Annual Conferences.

2012 - 1988 - Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Annual Conferences.

2012 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Bolder Colorado USA
2012 - 2006 - Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators Annual Conference. Australia.
2011 - The body remembers. Practical therapeutic applications of neurobiology of trauma. Babette Rothschild.

2007 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Philadelphia. USA

2006 - Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Annual Conference. Adelaide. Australia.

2005 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Tucson, Arizona. USA.

2004 - Honoring Individuality. How the personalities of both therapist and client influence psychotherapy. Two day workshop. Nancy McWilliams Ph.D. Melbourne

2004 - 2002 - Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia National Conferences. Melbourne Australia

2002 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Baltimore USA.

2001 - Working with the Multiple Personality in Therapeutic Practice. Three hour seminar. Anthea Fraser. Adelaide SA

2001 - Group Work Training. Five day residential workshop. Dr. Max Clayton. Melbourne

2001 - Member of Independent Private Practising Psychologists (IPPP) Competency Standards Development group

2010 - 2000 - Ongoing professional peer supervision group. Meets six weekly.

2008 - 1999 Attendance at various IPPP Education seminars.

2000 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference San Francisco USA.

2000 - 1999 Member of IPPP Executive. Adelaide

2000 - 1986. Extended workshops in psychodrama training with Zerka Moreno, Dr. Max Clayton, Teena Lee Hucker and Carl and Sharon Hollander. In all about four hundred hours of psychodrama training.

1998 - Three day training workshop with Dr.Virginia and Dr. Robert Hilton. Working with the oedipal transference in relationships. Boulder Colorado USA 1998

1998 - Training workshop. Healing the emotional and spiritual body. Ilana Rubenfeld Boulder, Colorado USA

1998 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Boulder Colorado USA

1995 - Bodynamics three day training workshop with Lisbeth Marcher, Developing boundaries with victims of trauma and abuse. Palos Verdes California USA

1990 - Eidetic Imagery training. Bill Thrash. Adelaide, South Australia.

1989 - 1983. Weekly Jungian analysis with a fully trained Jungian analyst, Ms. Patrina Morris.

1989 - Rational Emotional Training. Albert Ellis. Adelaide, South Australia.

1989 - William Glasser workshop. Adelaide, South Australia

1989 - Provocative therapy training. Frank Farrelly. Adelaide. South Australia

1986 - Biosynthesis 5 Day Training Workshop. David Boadella. La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

1985 and 1981- American Association of Group Psychotherapy. Conference New York and Washington DC

1982 - Reichian training workshop. Myron Sharaf, Psychiatrist and Orgonomist. Ojai, California.

1982 - Ericksonian Hypnosis training. Four days. Adelaide South Australia.

1981- Feldenkreis training workshops. 5 Day workshop with Moshe Feldenkreis and Frank Wildman. San Francisco, USA.

1980 - Psychosynthesis five day training workshop. Dr Edith Stauffer. Adelaide, South Australia

1980 - Psychodrama Institute of California. Dr. Sandra Garfield. Weekly, individual counselling, supervision and group work training for one year.

1980 - Supervised group work training. Dr Sandra Garfield, California Family Studies Centre. California USA

1980 - Freudian based training workshops in analysis and group work for six months. Dr Manock. Adelaide, South Australia.

1980 -1976. S.A.Psychodrama Institute. Weekly, individual counselling and group work training. Robert Brodie and Keith George.

1980 - Co lead Radix workshop at Esalen, California USA

1978 - Jungian workshops with Patrick Jansen. SA

1979 and 1980 - Gestalt training workshops. Dr James Oldham. Nairne, South Australia

1976 - Spontaneity training workshops. Frances Batten. Nairne, South Australia.

1976 - Reichian workshop. Eva Reich. South Australia

Shorter teaching seminars with Stephen Johnson, Stanley Kellerman, and Robert Lewis. USA