Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

As a highly experienced psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor, my extensive work history and training enable me to provide an eclectic, effective and comprehensive approach to most personal, relationship, family and psychosocial issues.

My work with clients incorporates a range of traditional verbal psychotherapy and treatment modalities including CBT and psycho- education. Whilst I may not directly work somatically with all clients, Radix somatic psychotherapy, as well as affective, attachment, developmental and social neuroscience theory informs my work at all times.

During the last nearly forty years, using this approach I have effectively worked with clients presenting the following concerns:

Depression & Anxiety
Grief & Loss
Anger Management
Relationships & Communication
Families & Parenting
Conflict Resolution
Adult and Developmental Trauma
Trauma, Dissociation & PTSD
Emotional Difficulties and Affect Regulation
Eating Issues
Psychosomatic Presentations
Confidence Building & Assertion
Personal Growth

I welcome a multidisciplinary approach & willingly consult with other practitioners.

How can you do this work?

Most people begin psychotherapy and counselling with individual sessions. However, there are many different ways to approach this work.

Some clients will supplement their individual work with group or workshop sessions. Generally this deepens the work faster and achieves purpose more quickly.

Other clients choose only to do groups or workshops or supplement these with individual sessions immediately before and after the workshops. Most often this decision is determined by time or geography but there have been many clients over the years who prefer the group or workshop format to address their concerns. Different workshop or group structures listed here have their own unique effectiveness.

If you are a professional, you may also wish to participate in professional skills workshops or organise some formal supervision.

Which approach is best for you will be based on your desires and purpose at the time and the availability of different options. Also as your work progresses your needs change. Below is a list of the options offered. For more details about each option and to view a calendar of events for an option please click on the option below or on the right hand side of this page.

Individual Sessions

Couple or Family Sessions

Concentrated Programs

Weekend Workshops

Contract Groups

Professional Skills Workshops

Interstate Program

Organizing Your Own Workshop or Group

Supervision and Consultancy