Selection of Professional Training and Development in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

2019 - 1992 - Radix Institute, USA Annual Conferences.
2018 - 1988 - Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Annual Conferences.
2015 - Australian Childhood Foundation. Trauma Conference. August 4 - 7 2015
2014 - 1988 - Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Annual Conferences.
2013 - Towards a New Theory of Body Developments. Three hour seminar. Dr Susie Orbach. Melbourne. August 2013
2012 - Allies and Enemies. ACIS Conference March 2012
2012 - Three day Somatic and Integrative Therapy Experiential Workshop. William Cornell. Melbourne. March 2012
2012 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Bolder Colorado USA 2012 - 2006 - Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators Annual Conference. Australia.
2011 - The Body Remembers. Practical therapeutic applications of neurobiology of trauma. Babette Rothschild.

2007 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Philadelphia. USA

2006 - Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Annual Conference. Adelaide. Australia.

2005 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Tucson, Arizona. USA.

2004 - Honoring Individuality. How the personalities of both therapist and client influence psychotherapy. Two day workshop. Nancy McWilliams Ph.D. Melbourne

2004 - 2002 - Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia National Conferences. Melbourne Australia

2002 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Baltimore USA.

2001 - Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder in Therapeutic Practice. Three hour seminar. Anthea Fraser. Adelaide SA

2001 - Group Work Training. Five day residential workshop. Dr. Max Clayton. Melbourne

2001 - Member of Independent Private Practising Psychologists (IPPP) Competency Standards Development group

2010 - 2000 - Ongoing professional peer supervision group. Meets six weekly.

2008 - 1999 Attendance at various IPPP Education seminars.

2000 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference San Francisco USA.

2000 - 1999 Member of IPPP Executive. Adelaide

2000 - 1986. Extended workshops in psychodrama training with Zerka Moreno, Dr. Max Clayton, Teena Lee Hucker and Carl and Sharon Hollander. In all about four hundred hours of psychodrama training.

1998 - Three day training workshop with Dr.Virginia and Dr. Robert Hilton. Working with the oedipal transference in relationships. Boulder Colorado USA 1998

1998 - Training workshop. Healing the emotional and spiritual body. Ilana Rubenfeld Boulder, Colorado USA

1998 - United States Body Psychotherapy Conference. Boulder Colorado USA

1995 - Bodynamics three day training workshop with Lisbeth Marcher, Developing boundaries with victims of trauma and abuse. Palos Verdes California USA

1990 - Eidetic Imagery training. Bill Thrash. Adelaide, South Australia.

1989 - 1983. Weekly Jungian analysis with a fully trained Jungian analyst, Ms. Patrina Morris.

1989 - Rational Emotional Training. Albert Ellis. Adelaide, South Australia.

1989 - William Glasser workshop. Adelaide, South Australia

1989 - Provocative therapy training. Frank Farrelly. Adelaide. South Australia

1986 - Biosynthesis 5 Day Training Workshop. David Boadella. La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

1985 and 1981- American Association of Group Psychotherapy. Conference New York and Washington DC

1982 - Reichian training workshop. Myron Sharaf, Psychiatrist and Orgonomist. Ojai, California.

1982 - Ericksonian Hypnosis training. Four days. Adelaide South Australia.

1981- Feldenkreis training workshops. 5 Day workshop with Moshe Feldenkreis and Frank Wildman. San Francisco, USA.

1980 - Psychosynthesis five day training workshop. Dr Edith Stauffer. Adelaide, South Australia

1980 - Psychodrama Institute of California. Dr. Sandra Garfield. Weekly, individual counselling, supervision and group work training for one year.

1980 - Supervised group work training. Dr Sandra Garfield, California Family Studies Centre. California USA

1980 - Freudian based training workshops in analysis and group work for six months. Dr Manock. Adelaide, South Australia.

1980 -1976. S.A.Psychodrama Institute. Weekly, individual counselling and group work training. Robert Brodie and Keith George.

1980 - Co lead Radix workshop at Esalen, California USA

1978 - Jungian workshops with Patrick Jansen. SA

1979 and 1980 - Gestalt training workshops. Dr James Oldham. Nairne, South Australia

1976 - Spontaneity training workshops. Frances Batten. Nairne, South Australia.

1976 - Reichian workshop. Eva Reich. South Australia

Shorter teaching seminars with Stephen Johnson, Stanley Kellerman, and Robert Lewis. USA