What benefits / changes can I expect from doing this work?

A developing ability to stay with your experience and be curious rather than judgmental about it.

Increased self awareness and self acceptance

More choice in how you respond to other people and situations

Increased ability to self regulate your moods, thoughts and actions

More capacity to stay in touch with reality and stand on your own two feet

Enhanced ability to experience, contain and express all emotions

Deeper understanding of your unconscious embodied patterns of relating and their effect on your life

Richer and more satisfying relationships

A growing awareness and respect for your own and others' boundaries

Greater creativity, spontaneity and emotional strength = 'aliveness'

Obviously not all clients will experience all of these benefits during their work. The changes and benefits from the work depend on the focus of sessions and the duration of the work. In short term work, effective shifts can be accomplished but obviously deep and life long changes and growth are more likely to occur from long term commitment to one’s growth and development.

These benefits are also common to most effective therapeutic approaches. However, when integrating traditional approaches with somatic psychotherapy, there is a greater depth to the changes. They are embodied which means they occur from the client experiencing not just understanding from an intellectual point of view.